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Oy, and this book series is actually recommended for young readers?!

I recently read “Twilight”, the first book in the disturbingly popular series of books by Stephenie Meyer.  A young woman by the name of Kellen Rice articulates my issues with this book (and the rest of the series) far better than I can in her blog, here.  I’m still going to rant a bit though, because this book left me with such a sick feeling in my stomach and a sense of horror that it is so popular with so many women and girls.

Great googly moogly, I’ve read Mary Sue fan fiction (the main character’s name is Bella Swann…really) that was less saccharine and had a better plot and characterization than this book has. My own sappy writing is that good and I can’t write my way out of wet freaking tissue paper, for crying out loud! How the hell did this schlock even get published, let alone get to be so popular?  Was I the only one who was gravely disturbed by the way Edward (the male protagonist and love interest of the main character) treated Bella and the blithe manner in which she accepted that treatment?  Good lord, manipulative, over bearing and borderline abusive doesn’t even begin to cover it.  There’s no freaking way I would ever allow anyone to treat me like that and I find it highly disturbing that this book is so popular with so many women and that the entire series is actually recommended for young readers (despite the fact that things only get worse in subsequent books).  Then again, I’ve known a lot of women in abusive relationships who thought their situation was perfectly normal and that the behavior of their abuser toward them was not only acceptable, but deserved.

Truthfully speaking, I wish I’d never read “Twilight”, it’s reminding me too much of all of the cases of domestic abuse I had to respond to as an MP (Military Police).  I hated those cases more than everything else, even picking up road pizza, because I knew the situation was going to continue as long as the abused party accepted it, no matter what I did (and believe me, I learned that lesson the hard way).

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Sometimes you’re just in the right place at the right time.

A week ago my Mom and I were on our way into Aberdeen (the closest large town) to shop, run errands and get our hair cut when we observed what appeared to be someone dumping a dog out here on one of the side roads. I noticed the silver Ford Taurus stop briefly at the stop sign on a side road to turn left onto the highway and then I spotted this large dog running hell for leather behind it, trying to catch up to it. The car pulled out going the opposite direction from me (making a left in front of me) and the dog was still following, doing it’s damndest to catch up. I put on my emergency flashers, flashed my brights, hit the horn and then waved an arm out the window at them as I stopped completely in the middle of the freaking road, but the driver ignored me and continued on. At this point, the dog was approaching fast, so my Mom got out of the passenger side of my Durango and called the dog to her and motioned into the open door and I snapped my fingers and patted the seat. This huge dog just hopped right in, popped into the back seat and lay down like it belonged there.

Unfortunately, the silver Taurus was long gone by this time and I had been more interested in the traffic behind me and my Mom who was getting the dog than I was in getting a license plate, which is frustrating as hell, because I would love to see that individual burn if they were actually dumping the dog. The closest house is over a mile down the road and the speed limit is 30 mph (most people tend to do 50) and there is no way this dog could have run a mile and not have been panting, which he wasn’t. Despite all of that, I am still not certain if the dog was dumped intentionally or not, despite the fact that it certainly looked that way.

Why? Because this humongous bear of an American Staffordshire (known by a lot of folks as a Pit Bull) is so sweet tempered, well behaved and very obviously well cared for. He was clean (I toweled him off with a white towel after taking him for a walk in the rain and the towel was clean). He appears well fed, walks easily on a leash and even his toenails are well trimmed and filed.

We took him to my folks’ place and left him there with my Step Dad while we went ahead and ran our errands in Aberdeen. I bought him a big rawhide chew toy and he was more than happy to let me take it back away from him and play tug with it. My Mom set down a bowl of the kibble we bought for him and all he did was dent my Mom’s car door (well, almost….it sounded like a base drum) from wagging his tail and whole backside so hard.

My Mom and I printed out and posted some flyers and placed an ad in the local paper and online with Petfinder, but no one has claimed this big sweet heart. We even took him to the vet to scan for a microchip (there was none) and checked with a local boarding kennel to see if he had escaped from them, but it was a no go. We notified the local shelter and the veterinarian as well, but no response there either.

So, it looks like my folks now have an American Staffordshire, because he’s won them over completely.  They have an appointment with the vet this Friday to get him checked out, get his vaccines and have him neutered.  He cries when they leave him in the house to go out to the motor home or the garage and makes certain he has them in sight whenever they are in the house. He hates wet grass and he was not a happy camper when my Step Dad threw his chew toy in a muddy patch when they were playing fetch. He communicates verbally in mumbles and whines and is generally a big wuss, so I suggested to my folks that they call him McKay (Mac for short) and the name has stuck. I don’t think Dr. McKay would be pleased, but I think David Hewlett would get a kick out of it! Here are some pictures of McKay.

McKay with his tug toy.

McKay with his tug toy.



I know I'm gorgeous, but must you take so many pictures?

I know I'm gorgeous, but...

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Logging in the Giant Sequoia National Monument?!?!

Oh, HELL NO!!!! The Bush administration has been trying to put through proposals to allow commercial logging of 80,000 acres of Giant Sequoias in the Giant Sequoia National Monument. They are attempting to go ahead with this proposed logging in defiance of a federal court judge’s ruling in a lawsuit brought by the State of California against the proposal. Here are some sites where you can go to take action to help prevent this proposal from being implemented. And please, by all means, post in your own journal about this and spread the word! Link to this post if you like, so long as the word gets out.

The Sierra Club. Click on the “What you can do” link to read the information and sign the petition. Here is a link to their Citizen’s Guide to the National Monument.

US House of Representatives. Email, write and call your Congressperson!

US Senate. Email, call and write your Senators! Find your Senators by using the clickable link at the top right corner of the page.

The Whitehouse. Yes, you can actually call the Whitehouse switchboard and state your concerns, which will at least be seen by aides. You can also email the President. Let Bush know we aren’t going to stand for this!

And here are links to see what you’ll be signing to protect and the devastation that has been wreaked despite the area’s designation as a National Monument.

A visitor information page from Kern County’s website and’s entry on Giant Sequoias.

Chainsaws in the Cathedral shows areas of the National Monument that have been logged after the area’s designation as a National Monument. This is what President Bush and his appointees in the Us Forest Service want to see continue.

“Then Orcs came with axes and cut down my trees. I came and called them by their long names, but they did not quiver, they did not hear or answer: they lay dead.” Bregalad, from “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers”.



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